‘They called me their fairy godmom’ – Black Madam takes the stand

‘They called me their fairy godmom’ – Black Madam takes the stand

“My motto was I want to help. I made money, but I did it for the camaraderie. I loved hanging with the girls. They called me their fairy godmom.”

This was part of the defense of Padge-Victoria Windslowe, 43, is charged with third-degree murder for the death of Claudia Seye Aderotomi of England, as she testified Thursday.

Aderotomi died in February 2011 after allegedly getting a silicone injection to inflate her posterior for cosmetic reasons from Windslowe.

Windslowe was expected to again take the stand in her own defense Friday, a day after she shared her life story as she defended herself against the charges.

“I always wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon,” she testified. She got into the business to “help make male butts more feminine.”

Discussing the death of Aderotomi, Winslowe said the victim “had Four Loko prior to the injection.”

“Claudia said she was leaking, she coughed, and said she had a tickle irritating her throat,” Windslowe testified.

After leaving, Windslowe called a friend to see how Claudia was feeling.

“She said they decided to call an ambulance because Claudia was not feeling any better. So I called back every hour on the hour to see what was going on and Scheffee [Wilson] kept saying they were taking routine tests,” she testified.

“I fell asleep and first thing when I woke up, I called Scheffee. I said ‘what’s up?’ She said, ‘’What do you think?’


‘What do you think? R.I.P. baby, R.I.P.’

“It was really cold, really indifferent. ‘R.I.P.’ rang through my soul for four years.”

“It was the most horrible day of my life. I didn’t want to do nothing. I stayed with my sister and she bathed me, she took care of me. I couldn’t sleep. I never meant anything like that to happen.”

Windslowe’s testimony was scheduled to continue today.