Thief commits worst historical reenactment ever at Betsy Ross House

Historically inaccurate crime caught on video

Security cameras weren’t around while Betsy Ross was alive and sewing flags. Neither was frozen food. And the alleged perp: He wore sneakers.

This crime might have been the most historically inaccurate crime ever committed at a Colonial-era site.

Security cameras showaman stealing frozen food overnight from a food stand at the Betsy Ross House early Wednesday morning. The cameras depict the manwalking toward a fencewith two (historically inaccurate) boxes of frozen food. He stashes them near a fence, grabs a bucket, then hops the fence and leaves the property.

No word on whether he was riding a horse.

Anyone with information is asked to callDet. Kristen Pazdanof Central Detectives at(215) 686-3093