Three dogs graduate from Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Three dogs graduate from Penn Vet Working Dog Center

One will alert her owner when his blood sugar is low. Another will sniff out drugs for the New Jersey State Police. And a third will aid in search and rescue missions.

These three dogs on Tuesday graduated from the Penn Vet Working Dog Center.

“It will be extremely rewarding to see them thrive in their careers as they put their scent-detection sills to work in order to save lives,” said Cindy Otto, executive director of the center.

Bretagne, a two-year-old golden retriever will work with her New Jersey owner Wayne Mowry, who has type 1 diabetes.

Morgan, a two-year-old labrador retriever, will join Trooper Brian Stanker in the New Jersey State Police Narcotic Detection K9 Unit.

Finally, Thunder, a two-year-old chocolate labrador retriever, will join Spring Pittore of New Jersey Task Force One in search and rescue.

The center, which opened in 2012, has six dog graduates.