Three men wanted for attack that left school cop with broken jaw

Three men wanted for attack that left school cop with broken jaw

Three men who allegedly attacked two school police officers after they intervened to stop them from attacking astudent are wanted by police.

It happened outside Northeast High School Avenue around 3:30 p.m. Monday after dismissal time.

Two school police officers were escorting students away from the school when they saw two adults assaulting a student, the police department said.

“The officers separated the student and the assailant in order to stop the assault. An argument ensued between the school police and the offenders. At that point one of the offenders became physical by pushing and shoving the officers,” a police report states.

At that point, as video of the incident shows, it becamean all-out brawl.

“When the officers defended themselves, one of the offenders threw one officer to the ground and another offender punched the second officer,” police said. “A third unknown male joined the other offenders when all three began to pummel the Officers. When Philadelphia Police arrived the offenders fled.”

The attack reportedly left one cop with a broken jaw and several missing teeth, while the other sustained some bruising, 6ABC reported.

Anyone with any info about the suspects is being asked to callpolice at 215-686-TIPS (8477) or text a tip to PPDTIP (773847).

Watch video of the fight below.