Tim Kaine made the worst Philly joke ever

Listen up, Tim Kaine: Nothing against you or “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” but we’re sick of the joke.

At an event involving teachers outside Spring Garden Elementary inNorth Philly Thursday morning, Hillary Clinton’s running mate asked the question we’re all sick of hearing: “Is it always sunny and nice in Philadelphia?”

“I mean, it was during the convention week, it was beautiful,” Kaine continued to his crowd.

(That’s not quite how we remember it, Mr. Senator. In fact, There was evena severe weather warningin Philly on the first day of the Democratic National Convention.)

Sure, there’s only a handful of pop culture references involving Philadelphia, and we’re glad everyone stopped quoting Rocky, but its time to move on from “Always Sunny.” Besides, the majority of the show isn’t even filmed in Philadelphia.It’s filmed in Los Angeles, where it’s actually always sunny.

It’s times like these we wish Frank followed through with his campaign.