Time to hire a professional matchmaker?

Matchmaking is another option for those looking for love in Philadelphia. PHOTO: Unsplash

“Matchmaking isn’t what I do, it’s who I am,” says Michal Naisteter of Three Day Rule Matchmaking. The professional matchmaker has been working in Philadelphia since 2017, meeting with 984 singles (and counting).

“I’ve only been in the job for two and a half years and I’ve already gotten couples engaged and married,” she says. “To be apart of someone’s love story makes me feel deeply fulfilled.”

With Valentine’s Day this Friday, singles in Philadelphia may be looking for ways to find love beyond swiping right. Teaming up with a professional matchmaker like Naisteter may be the missing ingredient in their search.

“I love being a partner to someone in the process of dating,” she says. “Dating is hard and can be like a part-time job. I meet so many Philadelphians who have so many things going for them, but they don’t have time to go on five million dates. This is outsourcing at its finest.”

Naisteter spends her days going on “first dates” with Philadelphia’s single population.

“I try to meet as many singles as possible,” she says. “I’ll go to events, I’ll meet friends of friends — I’ll even approach people in the street. I want to walk away knowing who the person is and what they’re looking for.”

Michal Naisteter, a professional matchmaker with Three Day Rule Matchmaking, is your partner in looking for love in Philadelphia.
PHOTO: Ron Soliman

While premium members have to pay for the service, it’s completely free to be included in Three Day Rule Matchmaking’s database of potential matches.

“When people actually want to hire me, that means I’m able to look at who I’ve already vetted, or search for people on top of that. By the time I’ve set someone up on a date, I’ve done all the legwork by making sure those matches are relationship material.”

So what makes a good match, according to Naisteter?

“It’s not just looks or hobbies — it’s the deeper qualities that go unseen,” she says. “The ability to resolve a conflict. The ability to hold somebody up when things are not easy.”

After the couple goes on their first date, Naisteter follows up to give feedback.

“I liaise after the date and call those people to see what they thought,” she says. “This is where a lot of the coaching happens. I tell people, ‘This is what they thought of you and this is an area to improve on.’”

As nerve-wracking as first dates can be, Naisteter offers some advice to make them go more smoothly.

“The more authentic and real you are the better,” she says. “When it comes to dating, I hear a lot from Philadelphians that it feels like an interview. You need to show up and be real — share something deep or share a story about how you failed and got back up again.”

Find love today PHOTO: Unsplash

The most important thing to remember in your search for love is to not give up.

“You can’t put off your love life,” Naisteter says. “I work with a lot of busy people. Even if you spend a minute a day on an online dating app, don’t give up. It doesn’t magically happen. It does take work.”

Interested in giving Three Day Rule Matchmaking a try? Visit threedayrule.com for more information.