Transgender woman stabbed to death in Frankford, police seeking killer

Transgender woman stabbed to death in Frankford, police seeking killer
NBC Philly

Police are investigating the death of a transgender woman who was stabbed to death in Frankford, NBC Philly reported.

Maya Young, 25, was reportedly found on the 4800 block of Penn Street on Saturday around 11:50 p.m. with several stab wounds. She was then taken to Aria Frankford Hospital where she later died from her injuries.

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Investigators say that they don’t know the motive behind the murder and that the investigation is ongoing.

This recent incident, however, is part of a disturbing trend of violence against transgender people in Philadelphia. PhillyVoice reported that “in October, a transgender woman was brutally beaten and fatally shot in North Philadelphia. Police determined the death of Keisha Jenkins, 22, was not a hate crime.”

PhillyVoice also reported that police are offering $20,000 for information that will aid in the arrest and conviction of Maya Young’s killer.

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Those with information regarding this investigation are encouraged to call Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit at 215-686-3334 or call 911.

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