Trick-or-treating with the stars

The costume: Snookie

» What you’ll need: Too-dark foundation, a sizable pouf and some classy Joyce Leslie threads

» Bonus points: A jar of pickles

» Your catchphrase: “I’m looking for a juicehead.”

» Make it a group: With a little hair gel (OK, a lot of hair gel) and some Ed Hardy T-shirts

The costume: Lady Gaga

» What you’ll need: Sky-high shoes, a sparkling lingerie set and any Ikea lighting fixture you can reasonably attach to your head

» Bonus points: A teacup

» Your catchphrase: Something inappropriate about your fun-size Kit-Kat

» Make it a group: With a decapitated-Muppet Gaga and a meat-dress Gaga

The costume: Edward Cullen

» What you’ll need: Super light foundation, a fantastic blow-dryer and a quick Blue Steel look at the ready

» Bonus points: Gold contacts

» Your catchphrase: “Let’s snuggle and talk about your feelings.”

» Make it a group: With a sad girl in a hoodie

The costume: Katy Perry

» What you’ll need: Perky cupcakes, a bra and some strong adhesive

» Bonus points: Tickle Me Elmo

» Your catchphrase: “I still kissed a girl, remember?”

» Make it a group: With a shabby, crazy-eyed, lanky date

The costume: Justin Bieber

» What you’ll need: A flat-iron and a baseball cap

» Bonus points: A cheesy peace sign pose

» Your catchphrase: “But mom … ”

» Make it a group: With a pack of screaming girls

The costume: Joan Holloway

» What you’ll need: The absolute tightest tweed pencil skirt H&M has to offer

» Bonus points: A pen necklace

» Your catchphrase: “SterlingCooperDraperPryce.” Coo it. Even more.

» Make it a group: With an obedient, smitten man sporting a lipstick-stained collar