Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in PA

Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in PA
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Whether you support Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or one of three independent candidates to appear on the Pennsylvania ballot on Nov. 8, what matters most is that your voice is heard at the polls.

The deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is Tuesday. Voters in New Jersey have until Oct. 18 to register.

If you’re not sure if you’re registered to vote, check online by name, driver’s license number or PennDOTIDat the Department of State. You can also register to voteor update your registrationthrough the same portal.

Voter registration can also be completed through the Register to Vote app (iPhone), which allows voters to scan their driver’s licenses instead of manually entering the information online. Fair warning: it’s only eligible in a handful of states, but Pennsylvania is one of them.

Rock the Vote released its voter registration app just for Pennsylvania last month ( Android), which can load without internet access or a data plan. Developed with thePennsylvania Department of State, this app allows users to see their ballot, register to vote or check voter registration and is available in English and in Spanish. An iTunes store release is expected later.

If you’ve recently moved to Pennsylvania from another state, you must be a state resident in your election district for at least 30 days and be at least 18 years oldbefore Election Day.

Pennsylvania does not require voter ID to vote, but if it’s your first time at the polls, a photo ID (including passport, military ID, student ID, employee ID or state issued ID card) or a firearm permit, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or government check or a confirmation from a county voter registration office is required.

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