Two arrested in LSD overdoses at Villanova University

Police have arrested two freshmen from Villanova University after three individuals — including a young girl visiting the school — overdosed on LSD over the weekend.

According to authorities, just after midnight on Friday police were called to the suburban Philadelphia campus in response to a student acting out of control and who appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The student assaulted both a female victim and a public safety officer before being taken into custody. He was transported to a nearby hospital.

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Shortly after, police responded to two other incidents where they found individuals — another male student and a girl who had been visiting the school — in a type of drug and alcohol-induced state, cops said. Officers had to restrain one of the individuals and they were both taken to the hospital.

One of the three individuals, according to police, kept telling the officers he had taken LSD. All three have since been released from the hospital.

After conducting an investigation by Saturday afternoon, police found evidence inside a south campus dorm room to was connected to the previous night’s incidents.

During this time police arrested 18-year-old Justin Yim, a freshman from Douglaston, New York.
Inside the dorm room, police discovered about $9,000 in a case, 37 tabs of what seemed to be LSD hidden inside a book, drug paraphernalia, and a prepackaged envelope with marijuana — which police said seemed to have been sent from outside the campus.

Yim’s roommate, who was the first individual picked up by police on Friday night, was also arrested but charged with felony assault after he attacked two victims while under the influence.

Yim now faces charges of distribution and intent to deliver, along with other drug charges. His bail was set to $50,000, according to authorities.

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“We have not had any other calls in years that related to LSD,” said Radnor Police Lieutenant Chris Flanagan during a press conference on Monday.” So this was an unusual circumstance.”

Authorities also asked any one else who might have come into contact with the hallucinogen — which was packaged to look like cartoons and can be mistaken as candy — to turn it into the police.

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