Two art exhibits to see this week

Leila Cartier: An Imaginary Land of Promise

Through Jan. 24

Schmidt Dean Gallery

1719 Chestnut St.

Free, 215-569-9433

One function of art is to show us familiar things in new and strange ways, and this is what Leila Cartier achieves with her paintings of flowers. With their highly saturated colors and eye-locking intensity, they make the flower, usually an unthreatening sign of beauty, into something almost depraved — the ruthless seducer of the plant kingdom.

A Golden Age

Through Feb. 21

Locks Gallery

600 Washington Square South

Free, 215-629-1000

There’s a cynical twist on the Golden Rule that goes like, “Whoever has the gold makes the rules,” but for this artists in this show, whoever has the gold makes cool art out of it. It’s an opportunity to look at gold not as a coveted currency, but simply as a luminous, supremely malleable material with seemingly endless possibilities.