Two Democrat Supreme Court judges received ‘Porngate’ emails: Inquirer

Two Democrat Supreme Court judges received ‘Porngate’ emails: Inquirer

Two more Supreme Court justices may have received offensive emails similar to those that led to the recent suspension of one of their colleagues and resignation of another.

Justices Kevin Dougherty and Max Baeralso received offensive emails, the Inquirer reported Wednesday in a bombshell exclusive.

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The emails were reportedly sent by Justice Seamus McCaffery, who retired in 2014 after the infamous Porngate scandal first began to break as Attorney General Kathleen Kane unveiled in court documents the offensive, pornographic and racist emails she discovered being swapped by judges, lawyers and cops on state email accounts.

Justice Michael Eakin was ordered suspended by the state’s Judicial Conduct Boardlastmonthafter they reviewed emails he received on his private Yahoo account that were deemed to violate judicial conduct standards.

Now the Inquirer claims Dougherty and Baer received emails from McCaffery between 2008 and 2010 that included offensive jokes that criticized immigrants, people of color, andwelfare recipients.

According to the Inquirer, one included a picture of a black man in colorful clothingand was captioned
“pimpin.” Both judges allegedlyreceived a message that bashedillegal immigrants, including the statement that theyreceive “billions of dollars worth of public documents,” referring to translated legal documents.

Dougherty allegedly received three emails while on the bench in Family Court; Baer, a sitting justice,allegedly received 10 while on the Supreme Court.

Both are Democrats. Eakin and McCaffery were Republicans.

A state courts spokesman did not immediately respond to Metro’s request for a comment.