Two overnight police-involved Philly shootings leave one man dead

Two overnight police-involved Philly shootings leave one man dead
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Philadelphia police were involved in a pair of unrelated overnight shootings that left one man dead and another hospitalized with a gunshot injury to his leg.

The first shooting, on the 5300 block of Grays Avenue, occurred around 11 p.m. Tuesday night, CBS3 reported. After police initially heard gunshots, they found a man, about 40 years old, standing behind a house firing a gun into the air.

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When authorities told the man to drop the weapon, “[He] aims and fires one shot at police, misses, and one of the officers fires two times back and shoots [him] in the leg,” Lt. Raymond Evers said to CBS3. “We have the male in the hospital – he is in custody.”

The second shooting happened around 1 a.m. near the corner of Overbrook and Lancaster avenues, according to NBC10, which added that police had received calls from college students about a suspicious man in the area.

When police tried to stop the man — identified by police as Richard Ferretti, 52, of Andreas — described in the calls, he allegedly attempted to flee in a minivan, NBC10 added. Authorities said he then tried to run down officers attempting to stop him.

“Apparently, [the driver] attempts to flee from them, trapping one of the officers between the car and some other area where [the officer] didn’t feel he could escape, and he discharged his weapon,” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross was quoted by NBC10. “That male was struck, one time I think, and he was subsequently pronounced dead.”

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On Wednesday, investigators were back on the scene examining the minivan, according to CBS3, which added that it had crashed into another vehicle on Overbrook Avenue during the shooting.