Uber, Lyft win in senate, wait for governor’s signature

Uber, Lyft win in senate, wait for governor’s signature
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Uber and Lyft emerged victorious Monday evening in the years-longbattle with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

The Pennsylvania Senate voted 47-1 to pass abillthat grants UberX and Lyft immediate permission to operate throughout Pennsylvania. All the companies need now is Gov. Tom Wolf to sign the bill.

“The Governor has supported the legalization of ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft throughout Pennsylvania,” press secretary Jeffrey Sheridan said, Billy Penn reported, “and he believes we should be finding ways to help these companies grow across the Commonwealth.”

Ridesharing has been illegal in Pennsylvania, but that hasn’t stopped Uber and Lyft from operating in Philadelphia.

The bill includes standards for insurance, background checks, safety, ADA-compliance and other concerns that aren’t regulated when using a hack taxi and driver.

The bill also includes a stipulation that the Philadelphia School District will receive a share of revenue and Uber and Lyft must give 1.4 percent of gross receipts to PPA.