UPDATE: Video: Philly cops violently arrest man, yell ‘You’re getting the f-cking taser’

Philadelphia police have released new details about the violent arrest of a man who was kicked and punched by police as he called for his grandmother that garnered national attention and sparked an internal affairs investigation after a recording of it was posted to social media.

The tape, recorded in April in East Germantown section of the city, was brought to light this weekby Los Angeles-based blogger and media personality Jasmyn Cannick.

Police say the man arrested on the tape, identified as Tyree Carroll, 22, was stopped for a potential narcotics violation. During the struggle, he bit one officer three times in the thigh, hand and arm. He also bit another officer in the forearm, police said.

He was in possession of 5.3 grams of crack cocaine at the time of his arrest.

Three officers on top of Carroll appear to struggle with him. It appears they are trying get his hands behind his back as at least one of the officers kicks and punches him.

Several other officers appear on the scene.

“You’re getting the [email protected]#$ing taser, here I come,” one officer shouts. Other cops refer to the man as a “piece of s#[email protected]

Other officers appear to plead with the man to stop fighting, wondering how he “has the energy to do this.”

Toward the end of the confrontation, another officer complains that Carroll bit him.

Carroll admitted biting one of the officers, but that was because he has asthma and he was having trouble breathing, Cannick reported.

Police say that officers involved in the arrest filled out use of force reports. None of them indicated that a taser was used, however, the department stopped short of saying that a taser wasn’t used. Investigators will examine the officers’ devices to make that determnation.

Carroll faces aggravated assault charges as well as minor drug charges.

Police say Carroll was transported to a hospital after bashing his head into the protective sheild located in the back of the police cruiser.

The officers who were bitten were treated and released.

Cannick reported that narcotics officer observed Carroll talking to two people in what police believe was a drug transaction.

Police initially told Carroll he was being stopped for riding his bike the wrong way down a one-way street.

It is not unusual for narcotics officers to detain someone on minor violations in an effort to initiate a search or as a pretext to ask questions about a broader investigation.

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