Victims in serious condition after rainy weekend crash that killed two

Several of the victims who survived a “horrific” crash caused by rainy roads Sunday are still being treated for serious injuries from the crash a day later.

A 6-year-old boy, identified by police as Eric Barksdale Perez, was ejected from a car with seven people inside when two vehicles collided at Henry Avenue and Hermit Lane in Northwest Phillyaround 4 p.m. Sunday, just blocks from Philadelphia University’s campus. A 20 year-old male in the backseat of thecar, identified by police asZaire Ross-Wilson,also died.

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“It was a horrific accident,” said AccidentInvestigation Division Capt. John Wilczynski.”They lost control and started turning into the left lane and got T-boned. … We’re not really sure how the driver lost control.”

Wet roads from daylong drizzle and rain are believed to have been a factor in the crash, but the cause is still under investigation, Wilczynski said.

“It was wet all day, the roadway was wet,” he said.

Out of nine people total involved in the crash, seven — including four children — were traveling northbound along a curved section of Henry Avenue in a gray 2005Mazda6 when they edged over the center line and collided with the second vehicle, a 2008 blue Mazda 3, with a 29-year-old male and 28-year-old female,headed southbound.

Both of those passengers suffered relatively minor injuries, Wilczynski said.

“All they remember was the car spinning out in front of them, and then the hit,” he said.

A 7-week-old baby in the Mazda 6 has life-threatening injuries, Wilczynski said.

The4- and 5-year-old boysare in serious condition, police said.

Two women, a 23-year-old and a 25-year-old, were ejected from the car. Theyare both in serious condition, Wilczysnki said.

Two off-duty police officers, one leaving work and one heading to work, stopped at the crash and tried to assist the victims by performing CPR on the 6-year-old, without success, Wilczyski added.

The seven passengers in the Mazda 6 are members of various families. Their relationship to each other and who was driving was not immediately known, police said.