VIDEO: Ambitious Eagles fan eats horse poop during Super Bowl celebration

Eagles fan eats horse poop after Super Bowl win.

A video showing an ecstatic Eagles fan eating horse manure during an Eagles Super Bowl victory celebration has gone viral.

As soon as the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41 to 33 to win Super Bowl LII, thousands of fans took to Broad Street to celebrate their first championship title since 1960.  While fans were spotted parading up Broad Street and screaming in jubilation, climbing light poles and flipping over cars, one Eagles fan celebrated the big Super Bowl win by dropping to his knees and eating a small mound of horse poop.

The clip shows an unidentified man wearing a Randall Cunningham Eagles throwback jersey and green Zubaz pants surrounded by screaming Eagles fans. The man drops to his knees and plunges his face into the pile of horse feces. With a mouth full of manure, the man flaunts his fare before throwing his head back to chew and swallow. 

“Philly fans at their finest (yes that’s horse shit),” wrote Bryan Murphy who uploaded the 41-second clip to Twitter Sunday night. 

While it is not clear why the overly excited Eagles fan was eating horse excrement on Broad Street, we all know sports fans are known for doing many crazy things when their team wins. And when it comes to Philadelphians, it’s not unusual for the debauchery to involve horses. When the Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship, it was reported that a drunk Eagles fan punched a police horse in its face. The week before that, a fan was caught sneaking in to see the Eagles game without a ticket and attacked a horse that was patrolling the stadium area.

Go Birds! 

VIDEO: Eagles fan eats horse poop during Super Bowl celebration

Alternate angle of Philly poop-eater getting down and dirty. 

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