VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen crashes local New Jersey bar

Bruce Springsteen, the “Boss,”had a surprise performance at a bar in Jersey Shore Saturday night. The 65-year-old musician pleased the crowd with a two-hour performance, starting at 10:30 p.m. and ending a little after midnight.

He even shocked the owner of the bar in Asbury Park withhis impromptu concert.Wonder Bar owner Debbie DeLisa described the night as “thrilling. It was a magical night,” reported CNN.

He sang hits like “Because The Night” and “The Promised Land.” The word spread through social media and soon enough, the street was crowded with fans eager to listen to the local hero.

Springsteen frequently returns to his roots. His career began at similar local Jersey Shore joints and he is still known to play in the area unannounced. “He’s just a regular guy,” said DeLisa.

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