Video of McNabb arrest released

Video of McNabb arrest released
TMZ Sports

An episode of “Cops” this is not.

The celebrity gossip site TMZ has obtained video of former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb’s June 28 drunk driving arrest.

In the mostly uneventful video, a very calm and cooperative McNabb told a police officer that he hadn’t had any alcohol, but had a really bad cold, and had taken some cold medicine.

“I’ve been really sick,” McNabb said.

McNabb, 38, was arrested after he rear-ended another vehicle at a traffic light in Gilbert, Arizona. There were no reported injuries, but it was his second DUI in 18 months.

The arrest has imperiled his broadcasting gigs. Fox Sports announced they were suspending him indefinitely. NBC announced McNabb was taking a leave of absence in the wake of the arrest.

The June arrest was the second time in 18 months that the former Eagle, Viking and Redskin has faced drunk driving charges.

The suspension was first reported by Sports Illustrated.

Of the three videos released by TMZ , the first shows McNabb’s initial contact with police, the second shows him taking an eye movement test and the third shows him being handcuffed.

In one video, the officer asks McNabb if he’s had any recent head injuries.

“Listen, I played football,” McNabb responds.

In addition to the video, TMZ has pictures of a search of McNabb’s car, which turned up a big wad a cash and some jewelry. There’s a bottle of tequila in there too, though it appears full.