Watch: First look at Philadelphia native Lee Daniels on PBS’ ‘Finding Your Roots’

Lee Daniels in 'Finding Your Roots'

PBS’ ‘Finding Your Root’s’ follows educator Henry Louis Gates Jr. on his quest to “get into the DNA of American culture.” Through research and data, the Harvard professor has led many celebrities to make discoveries about their past ancestral histories, and they sometimes learn of connections to famous/infamous people and other secrets. 

The new season which kicks off this week on January 4th will be featuring local filmmaker Lee Daniels, who some might know for his directorial work with 2009’s ‘Precious’ or 2013’s ‘The Butler.’ In this episode of the hit show however, Lee learns a little bit about how and why his ancestors initially made the move to Philadelphia, as the city was much more open and welcoming to formerly enslaved, now free Black people at a crucial time in history. This exclusive clip shows more.

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