Watch: Salt Bae takes on the Philly cheesesteak in his latest video

Salt Bae

The internet is full of viral stars with different talents, but Salt Bae certainly tops the list when it comes to the food category. Turkish-born chef-restaurateur Nusret Gökçe became an internet sensation when he launched his Salt Bae videos showing him proficiently and expertly slicing and dicing meat in awe of his viewers, and he always finishes the dish off with his signature dash of salt using his bent-elbow move. 

Salt Bae takes on the Philly cheesesteak in his latest video

In Salt Bae’s latest video the meat virtuoso takes on a Philly classic, the cheesesteak. The video on Instagram that quickly rose to six million views was taken at Gökçe’s restaurant chain’s Miami location Nusr-Et Steakhouse and shows Salt Bae’s skilled procedure of carving up a slab of marbled beef getting ready to dive into his newest dish. 





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The food whiz then caramelizes juicy onions with a beautiful dollop of butter while seasoning the meat with an oversized pepper grinder. Next up is what some would argue is the most important part of the sandwich- the bread,  Gökçe slices a baguette to use as a vessel for deliciousness. Philadelphians are very loyal to their bread baes; the choice is either Amorosos or Liscios, but for Salt Bae, the City of Brotherly Love can make an exception. 

Once the meat and onions have been cooked to perfection, Gökçe takes the juicy ingredients and tucks them right into the baguette along with a mouthwatering smattering of cheese to finish up the delectable creation. Gökçe then slices the cheesesteak right down the middle for every food Instagrammer’s money shot- the pull apart. Of course, he finished off with his signature salting technique. 

Salt Bae

It’s not easy to attempt to make a staple dish from a city that so vehemently loves their cheesesteaks, but Gökçe sure makes it look easy. Philadelphians will just have to patiently wait for the opportunity for a taste test.