We chat with Lauren Raja of Justin Jean Pajamas

There’s nothing like lounging around in comfy pajamas. Whether it’s in those last few minutes before your alarm goes off on Monday morning or in the infinite expanse of a lazy Sunday, what you wear can have a huge impact on your level of cozy. Lauren Raja, founder of Justin Jean Pajamas, makes loungewear for women and girls that’s not only adorable but also has a lot of meaning sewn into every stitch. We chatted with the New Hope, Pennsylvania, resident about how she transformed devastating heartbreak into a flourishing new business.

What inspired you to start Justin Jean pajamas?
I grew up with my grandmother [Mama Jean], who was a seamstress. When we lost her three years ago, I began to dream about having my own line, honoring her. Due to the craziness of life, there was no time to even think about that! After losing my husband Justin unexpectedly in October 2014, I started brainstorming a way to honor both of them, together.

There’s a lot of personal meaning here, especially with the loss of your husband. Why pajamas?
I chose pajamas for a few reasons. After the loss of Justin, I spent every day in boring loungewear/pajamas. It’s almost as if I created them subconsciously — to create something that brings comfort and happiness to everyone. Wearing pajamas is also a reminder of spending time with loved ones, relaxing and just being yourself.

What is the significance behind the name?
My logo consists of Justin’s and my grandmother’s handwriting: “Justin Jean.” The message my line represents is to be your authentic self. By using their original writing, it ties in with that.

I love the ruffles. What do they represent?
#Rocktheruffles is a message I would like to catch on when people purchase my pajamas. The three ruffles stand for: authenticity, integrity and passion — three core values I believe are essential to a loving, fulfilling life. These values were a part of both my grandmother and husband’s lives as well.

What are the pj’s made of?
My pajamas are made of 95 percent Rayon and 5 percent Spandex. They are the softest, most comfortable pajamas you will ever wear. The first comment I get from customers is, “Oh my God! They are so soft.”

What are your hopes for Justin Jean?

I want Justin Jean to become a globally recognized brand for not only comfort, quality and cuteness, but that the message of what they represent is always first on the customer’s mind.

You can buy Justin Jean Pajamas at justinjeanpjs.com as well as in store at Savioni Boutique in New Hope, Pennsylvania.