West Philly pup needs your help after protecting his human

A Philadelphia man is hoping his beloved best friend, Billy, a bull terrier, has a full and speedy recovery.

ABC reported that Billy was shot during a robbery last week. The four-year-old pup is hoping to make a full recovery and be reunited with his human, Felipe Sinisterra. 

Sinisterra’s grandmother gave the pup to his grandson when the pup was only six months old. 

“He’s always protective. He’s always been with me at my side,” Sinisterra told ABC. 

Earlier this month, Sinisterra became a victim of a robbery at South 48th St. and Osage Ave. in West Philly. 

Sinisterra told ABC that he got off work around 2 a.m. and the pair took a walk where they were confronted by the suspects. The protective pup barked at the robbers and, as a response, one robber shot the dog. 

“The dog barks at them trying to defend us, and because of that, they shoot him,” Sinisterra said. 

Sinisterra told the outlet that two shots were fired and one hit the pup in the chest.

Police told outlets that they are looking for two suspects who were last seen getting into a gray Honda. 

Sinisterra said the only thing taken from him was his cell phone, emphasizing he would have given up anything if it meant sparing Billy.

Billy is undergoing two costly surgeries at Penn’s Vet Hospital, according to ABC. The pup is suffering from injuries sustained to multiple organs, including his heart. 

He is recovering slowly but surely and Sinisterra credits friends, family and community support. Police helped lead the escort to the hospital after the pup was shot. 

“Even a message of good energy helps him, you know?” Sinisterra told outlets. “All he wanted was to protect us.”

Sinisterra said Billy is still undergoing more operations, and if all goes well, he will be able to return home to his family within a few days. 

Although Billy is recovering, the vet bills keep growing, prompting Sinisterra to start a GoFundMe campaign to help with the healthcare costs. 

The GoFundMe reads:


My name is Billy. I am currently in the hospital in intensive care. Unfortunately, a few days ago while walking with my family, an armed man threatened to rob my father. When I tried to protect him, the man shot me in the chest and the bullet penetrated my abdomen. My parents took me to the hospital immediately since I was in a critical condition. The doctors did everything possible to save my life. Now, I’m trying to stay strong while I recover, but I need your support. My parents have done everything they can for me, but they need your help in order to pay the bill. With your donation, I will be able to return to my family and continue my recovery at home.

My family and I will be eternally grateful for your help. Thank you.” 

You can donate to the GoFundMe here

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