While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Airlines rushed to introduce a two-crew cockpit rule as serious depression was investigated astheAlps crash pilot’s motivation.

Apple’sTim Cook said he’llgive away his fortune, while theWhite House declared it would spend a fortune on itswar on superbugs. Meanwhile,Willie Nelson declared war on potprohibition.

A two-crew cockpitrule was introduced

After learning more about what happened in the last minutes ofthe Germanwings crash, airlines rushed to introduce a rule making it mandatory for two people to be in the cockpit at all times during a flight. It’s a rule U.S. airlines already have in place.

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The crash pilot’s depression was revealed

Investigators looking into why Andreas Lubitz might have chosen to fire the Germanwings plane into a ravine have found evidence of some serious mental health issues. He took 18months out to get psychiatric help for depression some years back, though the airline claims he was fit to fly.

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War on superbugs was declared

The White House has pledged to spend $1.2 billion on a program designed to tackle resistance to antibiotics. They’re not working that well anymore because they’re overused in hospitals and in industrial farming, which is why people keep getting nasty superbugs.

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Willie Nelson planned to openweed-selling joints

The iconic country singer, who’s also famously a cannabisadvocate, will launch a brand of quality marijuana. “Willie’s Reserve” will be sold alongside ethically produced marijuanafrom small-scale growers, in states that have given the green light to the weed.

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Tim Cook wanted to give away $785M

Apple’s CEO said that he plans to give away all of his fortune before he dies, apart from the part that will pay for his beloved nephew’s education. The secret philanthropist is being coy about who’s going to get the cash, but apparentlyhe’s already donated millions to charity Product Red and funded several hospitals.

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