While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

Good morning,

As you emerged from your duvet, investigators decoded the Alps crash black box. Amanda Knox faced more jail time in Italyas Jesse Jackson Jr. expected a release from jail.

A creepy talking Barbie threatened our kids safety, andWill Ferrell’s kids got their momenton the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Investigators hunted for Germanwings crash clues

As French, German and Spanish leaders planned a visit to the ravine site of thedevastating crash,experts were trying to work out why the plane took such a dramatic plunge from the recovered black box. Understandably, some crew members didn’t fancy flying much, so the airline has canceled flights.

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Amanda Knox faced extradition

Italy’s highest court could be summoning Knox back for a retrial today, as this verymessy case continues. Knox vowed never to go back after she was acquitted in 2011.

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Jesse Jackson Jr.faced release from jail

After serving half of a 30-month sentence for blowing $750,000 of campaign funds on furs, Rolex watches and even a mounted elk head, Rev. Jesse Jackson’s son could be released to a D.C. halfway house

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Critics said no to the talking Barbie

Mattel is hoping to revive its ailing fortunes with a sinister version of the skinny doll that records a kid’s voice and processes it via the Web,so it can engage them in a “conversation.” Apart from being pretty creepy,campaigners say all sorts of untoward things could happen to the data recorded by Hello Barbie. Thetoyindustry tends to care more about filling its coffers than the wellbeing of the kids it sells to.

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Will Ferrell’s Hollywood star was launched

The “Elf” starturned embarrassingdad as hemade his three boys, Magnus, Mattias and Axel,do a lap roundhis Walk of Fame star to show off their suits. After making a quip about not accepting the plaque, he said he’d be back to polish it every day.

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