Why to NOT root for New England

The Patriots are nine-point favorites in Sunday’s playoff game vs. the Jets.

Good bet? Maybe.

But here’s some reasons why Eagles fans should be cheering against New England this weekend:

1. Must hate Brady

Was Antonio Cromartie out of line when he called Tom Brady an a—hole?

He ended a three-year relationship to date (and marry) a supermodel and now he sports a Justin Bieber haircut. OK, petty reasons to hate the man.

But, the Patriots QB was also the one taunting the Jets and pointing at their sideline with his team up 38-3 back on Dec. 6. And last year, vs. Baltimore, Brady was seen whining to the refs every time a Ravens defender brushed him, leading to nine penalties and a Patriots win.

2. They cheat

Maybe it’s sour grapes. But it has to stick in your craw that a “second-half adjustment” by the Patriots may have cost the Eagles a Super Bowl title.

Epic adjustment or spy equipment? Three years later, Bill Belichick and his staff were caught videotaping. The NFL found that the Pats had recorded the Jets defensive signals. The Patriots claim they never viewed them. Still, the team was fined and docked a first-round draft pick.

3. Do it for Asante

Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel left a curse on his former team.

Samuel left the Pats following the 2007 season, after dropping what would have been a game-clinching interception. The Pats haven’t won a Super Bowl since his departure — and Samuel holds a grudge.

“He had something against me. I have no idea why,” Samuel said, of Pats head coach Bill Belichick.