Witnesses deny woman on trial for gay bashing threw punches

Blogger sues gay basher claiming retaliation for online trash talk
Charles Mostoller

The trial for a Bucks County woman charged with aggravated assault for thebeating of a gay couple drew closer toward an end Mondayas the defense began presentingits case.

Witnesses testifying for the defense Monday denied thatKathryn Knott, 25, who is charged with aggravated assault in threw a punch during the melee, the Philadelphia Gay News reported.

She was oneamong a group of more than 12 who allegedly participated in a group attack on two gay men in Center City on Sept. 11, 2014 around 10:45 p.m.The attack left one victim with severe facial injuries that required him to have his jaw wired shut for months.

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Victims Zachary Hesse and Andrew Haught, a gay couple,previously testified for the prosecution that Knott punched both of them after she and several friends shouted homophobic slurs at them.

But two witnesses for the defense, friends of Knott’s, testified that she was not using offensive language or hitting anyone, the Gay News said.

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The prosecution concluded their case Monday morning with the introduction into evidence oftweets by Knott. They include themessages the ppl we were just dancing with just turned and mafe out with eatch other #gay #ew” and “Jazz flute is for little fairy boys.”

Two other suspects, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams, previously pleaded guilty to assault charges and were sentenced to probation, community service and were banned from Center City, Philadelphia.