Woman rescued by nephew from burning house in Overbrook


A fire began inside a woman’s two-story home in Overbrook as she slept inside Tuesday night.

The fire began around 1:30 a.m. at the West Columbia Avenue residence,ABC news reported. The occupant was asleep, but she was awoken by the sound of her nephew breaking a window to rescue her.

Her nephew, conveniently enough, was “walking by to get a cigarette from the Chinese store,” he said to ABC News.”When I saw my aunt’s house on fire from the back, I kicked the window in to get her out.”

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The house, which the woman has been living in for more than several decades, was completely destroyed by the fire. She is uninjured.

Firefighters are still working to understand what caused the blaze, but the woman believes that it might have been caused by an outside grill.

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