Woman stole wallet of EMT tending to dying boyfriend, police say

Woman stole wallet of EMT tending to dying boyfriend, police say

While a South Jersey woman’s boyfriend lay dying from a car crash, she allegedly decided to steal the wallet of the paramedic fighting to save his life, police said.

Brittany Carulli, 25, is charged stealing a wallet from a paramedic over the weekend just after her boyfriend, 27-year-oldJacob Dromgoole, had been fatally struck by a 2011 Hyundai Sonata.

According to police from Harrison Township in Gloucester County, Dromgoole was killed around 6:49 a.m. near Mullica Hill Road and Zee Road after getting out of his car and walking across the street.

Carulli, of Pitman, New Jersey, was at the scene when her boyfriend was struck.

Why Dromgoole got out of the car and crossed the street was not disclosed by police, but a source familiar with the case said there were “extenuating circumstances.”

An EMT who arrived at the scene allowed Carulli “to sit in the ambulance in order to grieve the loss of her boyfriend and stay out of the inclement weather,” a police report stated.

But a few hours later, the EMT realized her wallet with personal items and cash was missing from the ambulance’s center console.

The EMT contacted police that afternoon and said “no one else had access to the ambulance prior to or after the wallet had gone missing,” police said.

Police interviewed Carulli at her home on Monday. She confessed to the theft and was arrested, they said.

The EMT got her wallet back with credit and debit cards and her driver’s license, but minus $120 in cash.