Workforce Wednesday: Benefits of an industry partnership

Business people joining gears

Industry Partnerships (IPs) bring together employers, workers, and job training providers from a single industry sector to collaborate on improving the industry’s competitiveness and to address common workforce needs. These strategic collaborations allow businesses to partner and strengthen their respective industry through training, networking, recruitment, and collaboration. This effort also raises career and industry awareness among local talent. An Industry Partnership Dashboard, provided through the PA Department of Labor and Industry, lists current and forth coming IPs that include advanced manufacturing, health care, bio-science, business (IT), energy, logistics and transportation, and hospitality, leisure, and entertainment. Regionally, this list expands.

Businesses connected to an IP receive valuable access to:

  • Recruitment and retention assistance
  • Development of training plans
  • Technical assistance and support for strategic growth and planning, business development, pipeline development, and training and upskilling
  • B2B networking opportunities
  • A direct point of contact from dedicated staff
  • No membership fee

Philadelphia Works currently manages two Industry Partnerships, the Southeastern Manufacturing Partnership Alliance (SEPMA) and the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Partnership (HE&IP).

Advanced Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is experiencing a resurrection of sorts thanks to the advent of new technology and lean manufacturing processes, combined with a strengthening economy. However, despite all the good news, challenges from a consistently changing economic landscape, largely from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, continue to exist. Skilled labor shortages, automation, global competition, marketing, and supply chain are just a few of the area’s that manufacturers navigate daily. SEPMA is working with both local and regional manufacturers to help them leverage public workforce resources to address these challenges head on. Learn more about SEPMA at

Hospitality, Leisure, and Entertainment

The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry Partnership (H&E IP) focuses on training solutions, employee development, networking, recruitment, apprenticeship programs, and collaboration to increase career and industry awareness. Working together creates a mutually beneficial relationship that strengthens businesses and creates sustainable career pathways for existing and potential employees. Partners also receive resources regarding cleanliness standards, training guides that follow COVID-19 safety protocols, insight, and guidance around the future of work, strategies for COVID-19 reopening and recovery efforts, and navigation of public and community resources. Learn more about the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry Partnership at

IPs are a triple threat for our workforce and our economy. They offer a wealth of valuable resources that ultimately benefits businesses, workers, and career seekers. IPs have demonstrated improvements around customer service, work safety practices, productivity, business performance, profitability, and staff morale. Additionally, Businesses connecting to an IP can develop a skilled talent pipeline. Workers benefit from increased wages, improved industry, knowledge, skills training, increased self-esteem, and job promotion. Get connected to an Industry Partnership today by visiting

Timothy Smith is Manager of Employment Services at Philadelphia Works. 



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