X Games daredevil Matt Lindenmuth is bringing his new brew to Philly Beer Week

Matt Lindenmuth just launched Saucony Creek Brewing Company. Credit: Provided Matt Lindenmuth just launched Saucony Creek Brewing Company.
Credit: Provided

Matt Lindenmuth has never feared risks, let alone gravity. Lindenmuth, a longtime fixture as a skateboarder and snowboarder in ESPN’s X Games, was the first sports athlete to land a double backflip on a vert ramp.

Now the risk taker is at it again — taking his love for home brewing and turning it into a full-time job. Lindenmuth launched Saucony Creek Brewing Company in early March with a wing and a prayer. Now the Kutztown-based brewery is set to make its first appearance at Philly Beer Week, with plans to open a Brew Pub in early August.

“I’m swimming in the American dream of debt, but I’m happy because I’m making beer,” Lindenmuth says.

The 32-year-old daredevil turned brewer started experimenting with hops and yeast while living in Southern California. He and his X Games buddies would sit around and sample each other’s concoctions. When Lindemuth’s travels took him to Belgium, he had a new goal.

“I was playing mad scientist in the kitchen,” he says. “I started brewing on the stove top, I was reading and researching, and I found out that the beer I made was pretty good.”

Saucony Creek’s mission is to brew truly local beers from farm to pint. Lindenmuth uses only local farmers, grows his own barley on a 20-acre co-op farm, and brews with well water. He also donates 10 percent of his sales to the Schuylkill Action Network’s water conservatory efforts.

“We are hoping we can start a little bit of a cultural change,” Lindenmuth says. “Unplug people and get people to sit down face-to-face and enjoy a pint.”

Lindenmuth jokes that his job title wouldn’t fit on a business card as he continues to build Saucony Creek, which has already outgrown his original business plan. His beer isn’t available in bottles yet, but Lindenmuth promises that is coming soon, too.

Philadelphia beer drinkers can swing over to Pub on Passyunk East on June 3 to get a taste. Inside, Saucony Creek will take over the taps. Outside, they’ll transform the street into an X Games venue, complete with skate ramps and BMX bikes.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Lindenmuth jokes. “We’re having fun making beer, and focusing on the dream.”

June 3
Saucony Creek BMX Bike Show
11-4 p.m.
Pub on Passyunk East
1501 E Passyunk Ave.

June 7
Tasting, 5:30-10 p.m.
Grace Tavern
2229 Grays Ferry Ave.