You can help make Independence Hall a Lego set!

Have you always dreamed of staying in on a Saturday night and building a Lego model version of one of Philly’s favorite iconic buildings?

If you have (that’s kind of sad, but you do you), your dreams may soon become a reality as there is an online effort to get Lego to manufacture a special set of blocks for a Lego model of Independence Hall.

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“This is a Lego Architecture interpretation of Independence Hall composed of [approximately] 582 bricks and featuring printed clock tiles accurate to the real clocktower,” the Lego Ideas project page explains. “The set also utilizes many dark orange pieces and is an engaging build thanks to the complex inner structure needed to support its accurate outer facade.”

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As you probably learned in elementary school, Independence Hall is one of Philly’s most iconic and historically important buildings. Not only is it a historically protected landmark, it’s also a UNESCO world heritage site and is widely referred to as the birthplace of the United State of America.

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If you want this idea to become a reality, you have a whole whopping year left to sign up online to express your support. If it gets enough votes, Lego will presumably make it into a set.

Look out Saturday night!

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