Another day, another bear sighting in Philly

Another bear has been spotted in the Philly area, this time dumpster diving in the Upper Roxborough area on Thursday morning. 

The video of the bear’s garbage foraging was first shared by ABC, and social media quickly took note. Twitter user Maggie Kent tweeted a photo of the animal along with the caption, “Baby bear is back…11:20 a.m. lunch time.” reports that the bear was digging through the trash at Henry on the Park, which is located near Wissahickon Valley Park. The apartment complex is located on the 7900 block of Henry Avenue.

The original video was filmed by a resident, Thelma Barnes. Barnes told ABC that she was coming back home after doing some errands and saw “a baby bear” in the complex’s dumpster. She also told outlets that the bear seemed to be enjoying himself and was “having a ball back there.” Additionally, ABC is reporting that the bear is around two years old. 

Outlets say that police were on scene at the apartment complex as well as the Game Warden to see if the bear returns.  

Although the bear didn’t stay in the area longer, there was another bear sighting nearby. has reported that about an hour later, cops received a call about another sighting near Parkland Lane and Summit Avenue. 

As of 2 p.m. Thursday, the Game Warden and police were looking for the bear near Cathedral Village, a senior living community, located at 600 East Cathedral Road. 

It is unclear if this is the same bear that was spotted earlier this week. 

If captured, outlets have said that officials plan on tranquilizing it and relocate it to a safer area.