Bail lowered for suspect in hit-and-run death of officer

Bail was lowered for a suspect in the hit-and-run death of an off-duty police officer who was riding his motorcycle in the Northeast Philly.

Louis John Vogwill, 59, has been held on $500,000 bail since the August crash that killed Officer Lamar Poole atRoosevelt Boulevard and Devereaux Street to $200,000.

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Vogwill’s attorneyargued that as a pizza delivery man, Vogwell doesn’t have the financial means to flee the area.

Prosecutor Joanne Pescatoreopposed the bail reduction sayingVogwillhad fled the scene of the accident.

“He was a flight risk that day,” Pescatore said.

Pescatore said that after the collision,Vogwillgot out of his car, checked on Poole and then drove off, only to be chased by people at the scene.

Vogwill was charged with vehicular homicide, manslaughter and driving under the influence.Vogwilltold police at the scene that he hadsmoked marijuana, prosecutors said.

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Vogwill’s lawyer told the court that a toxicology screen did not turn up anything that would indicate impairment.

Poole’s death was the second off-duty crash that killed an officer in August.

Poole was an 18-year-veteran assigned to the 12th District.