Bruce Castor goes radio silent on social media after Cosby badgering

Former Montgomery County District Attorney and Commissioner Bruce Castorwas none too pleased with the volume of media attention he got after sexual assault charges were filed against Bill Cosby last week.

Castor shut down his Facebook and Twitter accounts not long after postinga Facebook screed demanding media leave him alone.

“Today is the first time a reporter came to my HOUSE!” Castor posted on his public Facebook page, before going on to indicate that his wife, who was alone, was ready to potentially use lethal force to protect herself from the unknown visitor.

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“A stranger coming to our very remote home, with all the criminals I helped send to prison, quite literally takes his life into his hands. This reporter will never know the danger he was in,” he wrote. “So reporters: stop calling my elderly parents, and never even consider coming to our hous uninvited especially on a work day when my wife is alone, except for Mr. Ruger.”

Reporters were likely seeking comment fromCastor regarding the Cosby case. When he was D.A. in 2005, Castordecided not to press charges against Bill Cosby for the alleged assault of Andrea Constand, citing a lack of evidence.

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Current D.A. Kevin Steele went ahead and indicted Cosby on Dec. 30, just a day before the statute of limitations would run out on the case. The indictment was partly built on new evidence from a deposition Cosby gave in a civil lawsuit which was first made public in July 2015 by the Associated Press.

But Castor, who posted a similar message on Twitter, only attracted even more attention to himself and became a hashtag as the comments piled on.

Castor’s Facebook message ended witha link to a Metro article.”As the story below points out, I have said everything that needs saying about this case. I have nothing to add,” he wrote.

That pieceincluded his past comments on the Cosby case:

“Steele is saying I should have arrested Cosby back in 2005. If there was enough evidence back then, Iwould have,” Castor was quoted telling Metro. “Steele has been in the DA’s office all that time sinceI left at the end of 2007. So if there is enough evidence, why didn’t he go out and arrest Cosby over the last eight years?”

Castor did not respond to requests for comment.