Caesars Entertainment chooses Philadelphia to roll out new loyalty program

Caesars Entertainment chooses Philadelphia to roll out new loyalty program

In today’s marketplace, being a loyal customer pays off – especially if you take advantage of rewards programs. And why shouldn’t you? With regard to merchants you visit frequently, it makes sense to earn perks while also knocking out the regular purchases you planned on making anyway.

Expanding its loyalty program is Caesars Entertainment . The casino-entertainment giant is broadening its Total Rewards program to reach well past casinos. Shifting gears from only being able to earn Reward Credits at casinos, the expanded program now allows members to earn rewards while doing their everyday shopping in their hometowns.

“By expanding the Total Rewards Marketplace, our members have the opportunity to earn reward credits every day while shopping, eating out, golfing, or going to their hometown spa,” says Michael Marino, vice president of customer loyalty for Caesars Entertainment.

In a nutshell, the program thanks its members with an easy way to earn Reward Credits that they can later redeem at any Caesars Entertainment resort or casino. These credits can be redeemed for dining, shopping, entertainment, or hotel stays and amenities.

To get the expansion off the ground, Caesars teamed up with Advantex Marketing International to pilot the program in Memphis. Now it’s starting a major market rollout with Philadelphia as the lead city. The partnership allows members to earn rewards at a wide variety of local merchants . The nuts and bolts of the program couldn’t be simpler. (All members have to do is swipe their Total Rewards card while checking out at participating retail locations.)

“For participating merchants, it’s a cost-effective way to market to our plus 1.4 million members in greater Philadelphia,” says Phil McGlynn, general manager of the initiative. “At the same time, it gives their customers the value-added bonus of earning Total Reward credits with their purchases.”

According to AC Nielsen , over 60 percent of U.S. households say that loyalty card programs are important in their shopping decisions. Another Total Research Corp study also found that 28 percent of customers are “extremely likely” to increase their visits to a business if they have a loyalty reward card program in place.