Celebrating National Food Day with McRibs

Fast food’s version of a cult classic, the McRib sandwich, is back in Philadelphia at city McDonald’s this week and should be here until Nov. 20 — that is, if people with a fix for pork patties don’t buy more than they make.

Ironically, it returned on the afternoon of National Food Day, an annual promotion of goals like reducing diet-related disease by promoting safe, healthy foods and supporting sustainable farms and limit subsidies to big agribusiness.

At the McDonald’s on the corner of Broad and Arch streets, the McRib on its first day had yet to have adequate advertising, but some of the fanatics already came in, manager Edward Hall said.

“We plan on selling around 500 to 600 a week, and one person came in today and bought 12,” Hall said. “When it gets [advertised] on TV, we plan on selling a lot more.”

The pork sandwich with pickles, onions, and large dabs of barbecue sauce, has had on-and-off availability since its introduction around 30 years ago in what is largely believed to be cunning advertising on the part of the burger conglomerate.

“McRib fans are incredibly passionate about the McRib,” said John Durante, president of Phil-Ad-Mac Owner/Operator Association in a press release. “And what better way to honor this devotion than by bringing it back to the Greater Philadelphia Region for those who love it most.”