Do LeBron James, Paul George make sense for Sixers?

Do LeBron James, Paul George make sense for Sixers?

The following conversation took place in Metro’s sports Slack as the editors of the sports sections in Philadelphia, New York and Boston discussed rumors of Paul George and LeBron James heading to Philadelphia this offseason.

Evan Macy, Sports Editor Metro Philadelphia: Lets talk about this for a minute. Does LeBron James or Paul George make any sense with the Sixers? They’re basically older and better versions of Ben Simmons who is 21 and needs the ball. Does any superstar free agent make sense with this team?

Joe Pantorno, Sports Editor Metro New York: PG at the 2? Or even at the 3. Think it’s a serious upgrade over J.J. Redick or Robert Covington.

Matt Burke, Sports Editor Metro Boston: I think LeBron makes sense anywhere.

Macy: They locked Covington down unfortunately.

Pantorno: Oh jeeze i forgot about Covington’s deal

Burke: [Lebron is] getting older. He’s going to want to play the 4 or even the 5 in the coming years.

Macy: I know it’s not being talked about but I stick with my Klay Thompson is the perfect Sixer idea.

Burke: LeBron is very much a positionless player

Macy: I just think having three superstars who need the ball and play in the paint… in Lebron, Simmons and Embiid won’t work.

Pantorno: JJ Redick is a free agent though after this year. Slot in Paul George for him?

Macy: Clearly I am not opposed to that. What I am opposed to is, the LeBron route more or less makes him the GM, sells the future off and The Process along with it.

Pantorno: I hear that. And drama seems to follow everywhere he goes.

Macy: Not that Cleveland or Miami were wrong, but they blew their teams to hell and then he left twice.

Pantorno: And a young Sixers team doesn’t need that drama you’re right.

Macy: They have titles so I guess it was worth it. But after four years of The Process I want a dynasty not one trip to the finals with 36 year old LeBron.

Burke: Good god. “We don’t want LeBron.”

Pantorno: That’s a nice column though. That no one will write.

Macy: And in addition, the Warriors are unbeatable. The Sixers are young enough to be able to become that team once they taper off. I am sure this way of thinking is antiquated. Or impossible. And Fultz being unable to shoot is a big problem… but homegrown team? I thought this was a plan that could make Finals without Super Team collusion… Using cap to add role players not title chasing past prime super stars.

Pantorno: Not sure if it’ll be able to keep up with Super Team collusion anymore… at least for an NBA title. It could win the East a whole lot though considering all the Super Teams are out West

Macy: Right but if Fultz was an above average point guard who could shoot, you have him, two All-Stars under 23, and millions in cap space. My contention is, save the money to keep those stars forever. Sign role players to short deals, and build around the stars you have.

Burke: I agree. Except when you have a chance to get LeBron James.

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