Drunk driver arrested after hitting seven at Delaware State homecoming

Drunk driver arrested after hitting seven at Delaware State homecoming

A man in a MercedesBenzsped in reverse through a crowded fraternity picnic for Homecomingat Delaware State University and struckseven people, police said Sunday.

Gregory Ligon, 28, a Delaware state alumnus,is charged with first degree vehicular assault and DUI, according the Dover Police Department.

Ligonwas parking his Benz around 7:28 p.m., and when he exited it, the vehicle was still in reverse gear and continued moving.

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“Ligon quickly entered the driver’s seat to stop the vehicle, and pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake, causing the vehicle to accelerate over a curb and across a grassy area full of people with its driver side door open,” the police report states. “The vehicle struck a total of seven people.”

One female, 21, was hit and pinned against a tree — sustaining a broken back and ribs and multiple internal injuries, according to police. She was flown to Christiana Hospital for treatment.

After the driver side door broke off, the car continued until it crashed into another tree.

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“At that time Ligon was removed from the vehicle by several bystanders,” the police report states.

The other victims, included twomales, aged 51 and 21, and fivefemales, aged 20, 22, and three aged 21. Aside from the woman pinned against a tree, the other six victims sustained leg, foot, or shoulder injuries and were treated at Bayhealth Kent General hospital.

Delaware State University subsequently canceled all remaining Homecoming activities for Saturday night and asked non-students to leave the campus.

Ligon, ofMitchelville, Maryland,identifies himself online as a master electrician and contractor based in Maryland.