Photos: Uber and PSPCA bring insanely cute kittens to Philly offices

Kittens were transported around the city today to provide stressed out office workers with a bit of snuggling therapy.

The PSPCA and Uber teamed up to celebrate National Cat Day by bringing PSPCA kittens to offices using Uber cars. Thirteen of the kittens, all of whom were available for adoption from the PSPCA Fishtown shelter, were adopted by Thursday evening, with PSPCA staff hoping for more adoptions to come.

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“I heard over and over, ‘This was just what we needed,'” said Gillian Kocher, PSPCA director of public relations and marketing, who went out with one of the 10 Uber cars making visits.
“For a lot of thebusinesses that I visited, it reallyseemed likea bit of a morale boost for the staff,” she said. “I think it was a break from the everyday grind, to take a minute and have some fun with these adorable kittens.”
Uber, which recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary of operations in Philly, partnered with the PSPCA to offer kitten visits from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Businesses could request 15 minutes of playtime with kittens for $30.
Around 80 businesses participated and got kittens in their office.
“The kittens we were with were really relaxed and chill,” Kocher said. “Once they got the lay of the land they played and cuddled.”
Kocher said she would be surprised if all of the 23 kittens who hit the road today, all traveling in groups of siblings, weren’t adopted by the end of the week.
“It’s all aboutfinding these adoptables their forever homes and families that will love and take care of them,” she said.
It’s the second time the PSPCA and Uber have partnered. In August, Uber Puppies brought about 12 puppies downtown — all of whom were adopted.