Drybar finally has a Philly location

It took a little while, but Drybar — the original blowout bar, in case you didn’t know — has finally opened a Philly location, located at 1701 Market St. in Center City. The 1,975 square foot store serves up a cocktail menu of professional blowouts at affordable flat rates, with selections like the Mai Tai, a tousled beach look or the Cosmo, made up of elegant, loose curls, and many more depending on your mood or the occasion.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, this is all well and good but unless I have a special event, this isn’t something I would do.” However, as Drybar Founder Alli Webb puts it, you walk away with so much more than a blowout.

“We’re not just selling blowouts,” she says. “We’re selling the experience and the confidence you get from a great blowout. When you have great hair, you feel really good. It gives you an extra little pep in your step.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Women do so much to take care of their minds and bodies these days — from yoga to eating healthy to getting regular mani/pedis. According to Webb, a routine blowout falls into that category and has become a “healthy addiction” for many.

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<p>“All the things we do to make ourselves feel better effect us in a lot of different ways,” says Webb. “When you feel put together, more confidence comes off. Once women try it, they can’t stop.”</p>
<p>Webb spent over 20 years as a professional stylist and experienced plenty of hair woes since childhood with her naturally curly hair. After becoming a stay-at-home mom, she became inspired to start her own mobile hair dry business, called Straight-From-Home.</p>
<p>“I was charging $40, which was pretty cheap. But I was doing it for myself and to get out of the house,” she says.
<p>Seeing its success, she teamed up with her brother and husband to launch a brick-and-mortar version of her business, which is now known to the world as Drybar.
<p>“I got lucky getting to go into business with my brother and my husband,” says Webb. “My brother is more on the business side, I’m more on the hair and customer service, and my husband is the creative genius behind the branding. Without any one of us, Drybar wouldn’t be as successful as it is.”</p>
<p>Drybar’s Philadelphia location is the company’s 61st store nationwide.
<p>“With great hair you can do anything,” Webb says with a smile.
<p>For more information on Drybar, visit: <a href=thedrybar.com

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