During the busy holiday season, give yourself the gift of City Hydration

City Hydration

With the holidays, traveling, end-of-the-year blues and realities of Omicron hitting just about everyone right now, we could all use a little self-care that also helps with our health. Philadelphians can find all of that and more at City Hydration.

Originally dubbed Wellness Above Walnut when it first opened, sisters Christie and Casey D’Arcy wanted a place where they could offer their services (Casey’s Luminous Chiropractic and Christie’s City Hydration) and also invite other wellness professionals in as well to set up shop and make maintaining a healthy lifestyle that much easier. After the pandemic, the offerings switched at this cozy office tucked away in the Philadelphia Building, and now City Hydration is at the forefront of what people can check out.

Christie worked as a nurse for more than 12 years and worked in hospitals systems for over 14 in the ICU and the ER, where they used IV therapy on almost every patient that walked in the door. She saw the benefits and decided to make it more accessible for everyone.

City Hydration’s official mission is to be the first choice for a client’s intravenous therapy because of their quality nursing staff, patient-centric care and wellness focus, according to their website. Their mission is to improve the health and well-being of individuals through intravenous therapies that are safe and effective. As a member of the healthcare community, they are committed to safety, excellent service and other innovative programs.


How CH achieves this mission is through comfort and care. The space itself is chic, it feels like an apartment with an area for a kitchen, private rooms and an airy “living” space. The views of Center City Philadelphia definitely aren’t bad either. While looking out at the cityscape, you can sit back and relax with some of the treatments while lounging in an armchair or on a couch — If you need something more private however, they also have plenty of options.

You can head to City Hydration for IV treatments, facials, immune boosters and more. They also offer IV infusions with NAD+, which has been trending recently – in large part, thanks to Justin Bieber, who has received weekly NAD+ IV treatments as part of his substance abuse recovery and to manage anxiety. It’s also commonly used for its energy-producing and anti-aging benefits.

City Hydration wants customers to know that while they can certainly come for hangover relief, they also offer an abundance of other services – including those for people with autoimmune diseases, cancer patients, general wellness treatments, and more, a release states.

In the age of COVID, there is also monoclonal antibodies treatment, which is offered to those who are immunocompromised or meet other criteria. A CH nurse will come to your home for the antibody infusion and Philadelphians can text or call for a consult to see if you’re a candidate.

Other services include a variety of facials, NormaTec Compression Therapy, immune boost infusion, infrared sauna to decrease inflammation, and Vitamin D-3 shots to boost your immune system. Plus, flu shots – so you can come in and get your Immunity Boost IV and your flu shot in one visit – and FaStep Antibody Testing (a finger prick to test if you have COVID antibodies).

But the draw is definitely the IV treatments which they offer in a variety of ways: Health Maintenance ($155) — b-complex, magnesium, and vitamin C; Migraine Relief ($165) — magnesium, Toradol, and Zofran; Wonder Woman ($175) (Menstrual Relief) — b-complex, magnesium, Toradol, and Zofran; Jet Lag and Fatigue ($139) — b-Complex, B-12, and vitamin C; Cold and Flu ($155) — Standard doses of vitamin C, zinc, and Glutathione; Hangover Relief ($179)—B-Complex, Glutathione, Zofran, and Toradol; Athletic Performance ($175) — b-complex, Glutathione, B-12, amino acids and magnesium; High Dose Immune Boost ($220) — b-complex, double dose Glutathione, triple dose vitamin C; and Beauty ($179) — b-complex, folic acid, glutathione, zinc and vitamin C.


For more information on City Hydration or their seasonal Avalon location, visit cityhydration.com

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