Eagles focused on shutting down DeSean Jackson this week

Eagles focused on shutting down DeSean Jackson this week
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DeSean Jackson is a popular name in Philadelphia. He was a popular player during his time as an Eagle and with good reason.

The wideoutwas one of the most explosive and memorable Eagles of all time, and as a Redskin he is just as deadly having scored a touchdown in four of his last five games.

For a vulnerablePhilly secondary that has been susceptible to big-time wide receivers of late, they can’t afford to get burned.

“[We need to] make sure he doesn’t blow the top off,” safety Ed Reynolds said.”He is one of the fastest guys in this league so we have to make sure we keep him in front of us.”

Some Eagles players know him well, like Malcolm Jenkins who played alongside Jackson in 2013.

“It is something you have to pay attention to as a defense,” Jenkins said. “Though he is not their No. 1 target, every time he is targeted you can be exposed. He can change a game quicker than any of their threats.

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“Any time he stretches the field it’s to be respected.”

Reynolds has never gone against Jackson but knows him by reputation.

“I know Sammy Watkins is fast, John Brown is fast, I have been in those situations with top NFL speed out there,” Reynolds said.”I am not taking it any different, just playing it how I know how to play it and keep this defense​ safe.”

Jackson may not be the Redskins’ biggest threat through the air. In recent weeks, tight end Jordan Reed has established himself among the best in the NFL and could pose a tough matchup for the Eagles and their hurting secondary (Byron Maxwell and Eric Rowe were both hurt in Sunday’s 40-17 loss to the Cardinals).

“He’s a really good tight end and he’s gotten better,” Jenkins said of Reed, who has 778 yards and nine touchdowns in 2015. “He is a savvy route runner, has good breaks… you have to be able to disrupt his timing. He’s one of those guys who can get open late in a down if the quarterback has time to throw. He’s a tough matchup.”