Everything you need to know about Art in the Age’s Dandejack pop up launch party


If you’re in the mood to try something new this weekend, head to Art in the Age (116 N 3rd St) to sample a brandy flavored with dandelion root.

Everything you need to know about Art in the Age’s Dandejack pop up launch party

The beverage boutique is collaborating with British gastropub The Dandelion (124 S 18th St) and forager Food Hedge to celebrate the launch of Dandejack. The new spirit from Art in the Age is an aged apple brandy distilled with the dandelion root and local maple syrup. Art in the Age knows how to launch their spirits in style, and will host a Dandejack party on May 31 at their tasting room and store in Old City. The party is free and open to the public with pay-as-you-go cocktails.

Dandelion root is an unsung ingredient in spring cooking, appearing in drinks and salads or to balance sweeter flavors. Though gardeners tend to view this plant as a pesky weed, all parts of the plant are useful and flavorful.

“Botanists consider dandelions to be herbs,” said forager Heather McMonnies of Food Hedge in a press release. “Throughout history, people have used the leaves, stem, flower, and root of the dandelion for medicinal purposes.” 

Art in the Age

The Dandejack release party will incorporate dandelion flavors in a number of ways, including snacks from the aptly named Dandelion pub in Rittenhouse. Staples such as their signature burger and fish & chips are on the menu throughout the year, but the rest of their dishes change based on seasonal produce and flavors. Executive Chef Liam Geoghegan will create a special menu emphasizing dandelion root as well as serving some classic dishes from his kitchen. Launch party dishes will include a dandelion crusted root carpaccio, smoked salmon & trout pâté and a curated cheese plate to go with Dandejack cocktails.

For beverage pairings, Art in the Age mixologist Lee Noble will have a list of drinks highlighting Dandejack. Noble’s creations will surprise you, but expect floral flavors and seeing how the spirit can work in a few different types of drinks. Guests will have the opportunity to balance drinking with learning how to use dandelion root. McMonnies will be there to share her knowledge on how to incorporate the bitter herb into food, drinks and more.

Art in the Age Dandejack is a limited edition spirit with only 200 bottles available. To learn more about the spirit and the launch party, visit artintheage.com

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