Family members discover dogs eating owner’s dead body

Police are investigating after family members and Philadelphia PD found dogs eating a man’s body in West Philadelphia. 

ABC reports that fire and police crews were called to the 100 block of N. 50th St. Inside the home, they discovered three large dogs eating the body of their owner. 

Police and family confirmed that they looked inside a window and they saw the body of a man who was partially eaten by the dogs. 

The victim’s brother-in-law Hamin Melvin told the outlet, “We looked at the side window, and we see (him) lying in the bed, and his face was all pinkish.” 

ABC reports that the owner had not been heard from for a few days. 

“When I came around knocking on the door, the dogs came to the window, I didn’t know he had three dogs,” the victim’s sister, Renee Melvin, said. 

The first responders called animal control to the scene. It was reported they arrived at 8:30 p.m. and removed each dog. Two of the dogs were 10-month-old Cane Corso/ Bull Mastiff mixes, and the other dog was their mother. 

Melvin told the outlet that the dogs had not been known to be dangerous in the past. 

Outlets were not provided with the victim’s name, but it was reported that he was a 67-year-old man and he was not in good health. 

An autopsy will be done by a medical examiner to determine how he died. Police cannot confirm the cause of death . 

Police told outlets that it was likely that the dogs destroyed the home looking for food. They believe it is possible that the man died of natural causes and since the dogs had not eaten in a few days and they were starving, began to eat the man.