Five things the Phillies must do to revamp their outfield

Five things the Phillies must do to revamp their outfield
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Even though Marlon Byrd had a stronger season than anyone could have imagined at his advanced age, the Phillies outfield was part of the reason the franchise posted its second consecutive 73-89 season.

Domonic Brown’s pathetic OPS was 49th out of 51 outfielders in the MLB. Combine that with his inexplicable play in left and Brown’s future in Philly is in doubt.

Ben Revere would be a nice complementary part on a power-laden team. “It’s a shame because Revere would be real good with more productive hitters around him,” Pete Rose said. “The Phillies outfield just didn’t work last season.”

Exactly. That’s why change is on the horizon. Here’s five predictions about how the Phillies outfield will shake out in 2015.

  1. The Phillies will sign YasmanyTomas

  2. It’s a perfect marriage on paper. Since the Phillies have failed to develop a potential starting major league outfielder, Ruben Amaro has no option but to turn to his checkbook. Yes, it may cost north of $100 million for an unproven commodity but Tomas, who just turned 24 last week, has reportedly plenty of power and a high ceiling. His agent is already looking ahead to his next deal in seven seasons. If the opposition for his services is the San Francisco Giants, the San Diego Padres and the Detroit Tigers, which team/ballpark is most attractive? If the reports on Tomas’ ability are accurate, he would put up some big numbers in South Philly.

  3. Marlon Byrd will be dealt

  4. A number of teams are looking for a veteran outfielder, with some pop. The Phillies get younger, save some money and score some prospects trading Byrd, who would love to play for a contender. “It’ll be different than it was during the trade deadline,” a NL scout said. “There are a number of teams that will want Byrd. He’s played his last game in a Phillies uniform.”

Rely on Ben Revere

  1. It might irk some fans but Ben Revere will be back as the Phillies centerfielder next season. Revere, who was one of only 17 .300 hitters in baseball last season, better learn how to run better routes.

  2. Don’t depend on Grady Sizemore

  3. Grady Sizemore will have issues next season. You don’t get healthier or better when you age. Sizemore has had almost as many procedures as Joan Rivers. Sizemore’s body has been through enough. Don’t expect much production from the once great player.

  4. Darin Ruf will not get a shot at a starting outfield job

  5. The organization seems to have made up its mind about Ruf. When talking young talent for 2015, Ruben Amaro mentioned Freddy Galvis, among others, but not Ruf. If the Phillies had any hope for Ruf, Ryne Sandberg would have put him in the lineup regularly the last two months of the season.

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