Glassboro cops go active with body cameras program

Glassboro cops go active with body cameras program

Today, the Glassboro Police Department began its program requiring officers to wear body cameras.

“On April 1, 2015, all first line uniformed patrol officers will be equipped with Body Worn Cameras,” the police department announced. “After a trial period in which officers tested several body camera systems, the Glassboro Police Department has chosen the Taser Axon Camera System.”

Every time the camera is returned to its dock, it will automatically upload all video footage to the department’s server, Glassboro police say.

The department’s policy calls for officers to record all contact with citizens while performing official duties.

Officers will activate their body cameras at the start of any call for service, motor vehicle stop, field interview, investigative detention or sobriety checkpoint, or other situations involving engagement with citizens, the department said.

The policy allows officers to not activate cameras in sensitive situations such as sexual assaults and domestic violence incidents but any deactivation must be documented.