Governor signs ‘free the six-pack’ bill

Governor signs ‘free the six-pack’ bill
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In the latest step to modernize Pennsylvania’s strict liquor and beer laws, Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation Tuesday that gives residents more booze-buying freedom.

The bill permits beer distributors to sell suds in any quantity, including six-packs, four-packs, growlers and 32-ounce bottles. Under the “free the six-pack” legislation, Pennsylvania’s residents will also be able to legally receive shipments of beer directly to their homes through beer-of-the-month clubs.

The legislation also permits bars to start selling alcohol at 9 a.m. on Sundays, instead of at 11 a.m., and loosens restrictions at sporting events, allowing venues to sell mixed drinks.

Wolf’s legislation takes effect in 60 days.

In May, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved the sale of six-packs at gas stations throughout the state, a move the governor both urged and praised as a necessity to improve convenience for residents and make the state more inviting for businesses.