High school ‘fight week’ erupts on social media, leads to violence

High school ‘fight week’ erupts on social media, leads to violence
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The hashtag #AbingtonFightWeek is being blamed for the spread of fight videos captured at area high schools this week, including five fights at Abington Senior High School.

School district Superintendent Dr. Amy Sichel said in a letter on Thursday that there is an increased police presence on the high school’s main campus in response to the trending fight posts, ABC reported.

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“It’s all over social media. That’s where I’ve seen most of it,” Abington junior Matt Spross said to ABC. “I think it’s just ridiculous, everyone is fighting for just no reason.”

Sichel said that all of the circumstances leading to the fights “began outside of school,” NBC stated in a related report, adding that she also blamed social media for all the hype surrounding the conflicts.

“At no time were any of the students who participated in the fights injured, and no other student or staff member was injured. There have been no weapons involved,” she was quoted by NBC.

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The origin of the #AbingtonFightWeek hashtag remains unclear, and Sichel has stated that police will take action against students involved in any fights, according to NBC.