Grudge match: Meek Mill calls Drake a fake on Twitter

Meek Mill updates: transferred out of isolated custody and gets shout-out

Smell that? That’s fresh beef in the Twitterverse.

Just because Drake and Meek Mill worked together on Mill’s post-prison stint album”Dreams Worth More Money,” released last month, doesn’t mean they’re friends.

Partly in response to Drake not tweeting about the new album’s release, Philly hometown heroMill went on a Twitter tirade last night accusing Drake of not writing his own music and rapping a ghostwritten lyric on the single R.I.C.O.

The Twitter attack also came just hours after Mill’s girlfriend Nicki Minajsparred with Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Drake hasn’t tweeted since July 10 and has not posted any replied to the accusations.

But a city councillor from the Toronto native’s hometown came to his defense.

Check out the video for R.I.C.O. below and see if you think Drake’s lyrics sound inauthentic.